Camp Tuckabatchee Inc. is an Independent Non-for-Profit Summer Youth Camp, Established 1927

We are Co-ed, and all our weeks are Co-ed.  We are a Traditional – Nature based camp.

We are not affiliated with any church or organization.

Overnight Campers

Campers 7-14 years, live in rustic cabins, which are screened with wooden shutters.  There are 8-10 campers per cabin and staff members.  Our cabins are divided by age/sex.

Teen Travel Campers

Campers 13-15 years, Live in tents. There are 20 campers in this Program and 2 staff members

Counselors In Training  - ‘CIT’ - 15 yrs old – 2 week program – Leadership program.

Our lead staff are all 18 years or older, we recruit staff from colleges in Illinois & Indiana.  Most of are staff are in college courses for Elem. Education, Park & Recreation.  We do references checks on all employees and background check through the State Police.

Our staff attends a weeklong training session prior to working with our campers.

Our Camp Director / Executive Director is on site everyday and lives at the camp during the camping session.  Kelly Bunnell has been with the camp since 1988.

Our Camp Program Director is on site everyday and lives at the camp during the camping session.

We are a resident  / overnight camp.               We offer mini camps & weeklong programs

Week long campers check in on Sunday/ Mini camp camper’s check in on Mondays or Wednesdays

We have 60-80 campers each week.   We register campers on a first come first serve basis.

To register your child, please complete the registration form and mail with your deposit.

Once your child is registered you will receive a conformation packet.

The conformation packet will include: Supply list, arrival and departure times, and your child’s address while at camp.  A health history form, which does not require a physical, but is parent information.

We have an EMT / 1st Aid Staff, which live, at the camp while camp is in session.  All parents will meet with the EMT / 1st Aid Staff as part of  check in.                           

Tours of the camp can be arranged anytime by calling our office and setting up an appointment.

Campers need no money while at camp. Our camp store is open during check in and check out only, for purchases of camp souvenirs.

Our kitchen staff prepares three meals per day. Campers receive an afternoon and evening snack. 

Phone – Camper do not have access to telephones during camp, which keeps alive one of our valued traditions of daily mail call, which is looked forward to by all campers and staff.   Letters from home, friends and family are great. Make sure every one has your camper’s ‘camp address’ and mail early, or bring mail for the week on check in and drop off in the camp office for delivery. 

If you have questions at any time about how your camper is doing please call our camp office.  The office is located at the camp and we will be happy to check on your camper and call you back.

Campers wake up at 7:15 a.m. and campers have lights out between 9:30 & 10:00 p.m.

Mini Overnight Programs

2 night mini camps

Campers will participate in a well-rounded program, which will provide an opportunity for them to try all the programs we offer during our weeklong camps.

Morning Program Choices: Week Long Camps

Our weeklong campers register in to a morning program.

Horsemanship - H

Campers are with the horses three hours Monday – Thursday.

Campers will receive western riding instruction in our riding rings.  The goal is to be comfortable, confident and able to control their horse. They will learn the parts of a horse, about the tack, feeding, and care & cost of owning a horse. Campers can earn a trail ride by achieving all of the above. There are 20 campers in this program & five staff members.  We provide helmets & have boots for campers who don’t have their own.

Outdoor Adventure – ODA

Campers will hike, creek walk, fish, learn plant, animal, insect identification.  Go on a canoe trip.  All our canoe trips are on the Fox River.  Staff and Lifeguards go on the canoe trips.  All campers wear life jackets, which we provide.  There are 20 campers in this program and 5 staff members.

Water Adventure - WA

Our water adventure program has some lessons, but more water fun and games. Snorkel splash is a snorkeling program we provide in our pool. Campers will go tubing in our creeks if the water is deep enough. There are 20 campers in this program and four staff members.

Once campers arrive at camp on Sunday & the parents have left, they will choose their afternoon activity. 

Afternoon activities are hour-long activities.  Nature Craft, Horseback riding, Archery, Swimming, Sports & Games, Outdoor Fun, Wood carving, Outdoor Cooking, Fishing.

The afternoon activities are bits and pieces of the large morning program. 

Teen Travel Program offered to campers 13-15 years old.

Two-day canoe trip, hiking local state parks, archery, swimming, horseback riding and scuba diving.

Fun Friday

Friday’s are a fun all camp activity day a theme is picked each week and activities and meals reflect the theme for the day. All ages participate in fun Friday activities

Evening Programs

In the evening we have all camp activities.

Tuck Olympic’s –  mudslide – tug-a-war, etc.

Skits and Talent night – Staff and camper skits and talent. .

Club Tuck – DJ music and games.

Storyteller night

Carnival Night – Evening of games created by camp staff.

Closing ceremony for our campers is each Friday night for weeklong campers

Closing ceremony for our campers in mini weeks is their last activity during their stay



Kelly Bunnell, Executive Director
Phone: (815)-433-2984
1973 N 35th Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350

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